Wednesday, November 25, 2015

New Whip…give it a good crack!

Plan for next year are shaping up. I am waiting for Race registration to open on the BWR and Dirty Kanza in February and January respectivly. I am signed up for the Rock Cobler which is in February. All three of these rides (I am not sure I will actually be raceing them) are off road, mostly.

I have been kicking aorund the idea of getting a hardtail moutain bike for these events, not really looking that seriously but kicking things around. I was trawaling through a FaceBook Swap Meet and I came across a Lynksey Cooper CX. It’s used, some but not much and is pretty well speced. A quick communication with the seller and the deal is done! This was the listing picture:


It will need a few tweaks before it’s ride ready but it’s got a lot of fun packed miles ahead of it!

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