Monday, April 18, 2016

L'Etape Week 1

With the Mulholland Challenge behind my next event is the Amgen Tour of California L'Etape. It’s the Queen’s Stage and rides from Thousand Oaks to Santa Barbara finishing at the top of Gibraltar Road.

It's only 2 weeks between the Mulholland Challeng and this so this is a quick bridge.

Monday. Off, ‘cos that’s what the plan said.

Tuesday. Fun in the dirt before breakfast, two weeks to L'etape. A bit of MTB while waiting for new seatpost to arrive replacing the one that cracked on Sunday


Wednesday. More MTB fun. A quick out and back first thing in the morning.


Thursday. More of the same really!


Friday. More dirt!


Saturday. Off

Sunday. Even more dirt! Having fun but waiting for the mail man!


So a week spent in the dirt, only 53 miles but I did accumulate nearly 9500’ of gain!

The new 3T post is due Monday and it’s back to the Trainer and Road!

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