Tuesday, April 19, 2016

3T Upgrades

click click click…I had and heard that for at least half of the Mulholland Challenge! Not annoying much! Chainset, nope! Pedals, nope! Bottom Bracket nope! A trip to my local mechanic to investigate revealed, drumroll….a cracked seat post!

It’s inevitable really, 5 years, nearly 14,000 miles and stuff just wears out! More frustrating was that I had just upgraded my stem with a hard to find Arx II Team stem. Luckily as a 3T Ambassador I have access to their product catalog and so I moved up to the newer black on black Team versions. My Doric seat post has been retired so I opted for the newer Stylus25 version which meant I had to get the matching stem…of course!


Black is always in vogue!

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