Friday, April 8, 2016

Rain Stopped Play!

As said at the best…or at least the wettest Cricket matches.

This weekend was supposed to be the High Rouleurs Society ride. My plan was to use the Mulholland Challenge on Saturday, it is 106 miles and 12,500’ of gain. I would have been riding to and fro from home and that would have added another 25 miles and 2500 of gain. Then I would do the whole thing on Sunday too. Basically I had from 6am Saturday morning to 6pm Sunday night to finish. Pretty simple really!

Then California decided to have rain, lots of rain, basically we a struck between two weather fronts with a break on Sunday.


The race organizers polled the riders on if it were possible did we want to ride on Sunday instead. I opted for the safer dry option of Sunday and this obviously meant pushing out the HRS ride to another day. I am ok with the decision. It’s no fun riding in the rain, it can be sketchy at best and the run off on the mountain roads will make it just plain unsafe. Doing it for 8 hours would just be miserable!


I have offered to volunteer as there are some riders who will be riding on Saturday. They’re a hardier bunch than me!

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