Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cross is Coming!

You may have seen that somewhere! People are getting excited about it and this year I am one of them! I have never ridden Cyclocross so this seemed like a great year to try it. I have a super deep base so it’s time to sharp the blade. I am using the TrainerRoad High Volume Cyclocross plan. It’s all about itervals…and lots of them!

I also picked up a used Raleigh RX 2.0 CX bike! I have the Lynskey from DK200 but I think it’s a bit too heavy and to be honest I don’t want to wreck it! The Raleigh is a great entry level bike with a solid spec and it’s ORANGE!!!


Bring on the kit doping!


I’ll start the plan next week and then on Sunday I have a SC Clinic put on by the RD of the Socal Prestige CX SeriesSocal Prestige CX Series!

In the meantime enjoy this…

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