Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Summary

The miles accumulated pretty quickly. It wasn’t a massive month but it was pretty solid in comparison to everything else. I started the 22 Pushups for Veterans challenge and fell off the wagon, I’ll try again! Upper body strength for 22 pushups is not a bad thing!

September may have a few surprises in store!


I also picked up a few Birthday Treats!


I have been eyeing all of these for a while, the Fly 12 and 6 is an oboard light/camera combo…just in case! Here’s Ray’s review. The Shimano shoes have dropped in price with 2017 models coming out and my Giro Trans have been making my toes go numb on long rides! No idea why this is happening, the shoes have been in rotation since December last year and have over 5700 miles on them!

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