Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019; the schedule!

Up until November/December the plan for 2019 had been for a fairly quiet race year with a DK200 as the goal event and if I failed to get in through the lottery (gone are the days of just signing up) I would throw my hat in the ring for the XL 350 mile version. Then things turned on a dime, everything got thrown in the air and landed mostly as follows;

January 20 Rivet Raid; mixed surface ride through the Santa Monica Mountains with proceeds going to restoration efforts post Woolsey Fire

Image result for dirt mulholland

February 9 Rock Cobbler 7.0; as per my last post I missed the 2018 edition. Rumor has it that the 2019 version involves some swimming?!?!

Image result for rock cobbler

May 5 Belgian Waffle Ride; actually, I am 99% this will be the Belgian Wafer Ride, all the fun gravel bits and none of the remorseless Ramona suckfest

Image result for belgian wafer ride

June 22 Haute Route Rockies, CO; seven days, 770km and 20,000m of elevation gain in the front range of the Colorado Rockies. This is my A event for the year

Image result for haute route rockies 2019

August 23 Haute Route Cedar City UT, similar format to the Rockies only this one is 3 days instead of 7 and this time Becca is riding too, we still working out if it’s going to be a team event or if we will ride it as solo riders

Image result for cedar city bike rides

September 27 Haute Route San Francisco CA; detecting a theme yet? 3 days again, this time we head up the coast to San Francisco at hit some of Northern California climbs!

Image result for haute route san francisco

Other events not scheduled;

An Everesting/ High Rouleurs …I have been carrying the High Rouleurs monkey on my back for several years now and with all the climbing I will be putting it could be the year it gets shrugged off!


I’ll also be chasing Becca around as she does her crazy stuff…trust me, she is taking crazy to 11 this coming year!

So, what was going to be a quiet year, isn’t!

Stay tuned adventures to follow!!

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