Friday, January 4, 2019

Become a Pactimo Brand Ambassador!

Pactimo have just opened the application period for the 2019 Brand Ambassadors. I was selected as an Ambassador back in 2014 and since then it’s all I wear on my bike.

In the last four years I have really put their clothing through the ringer using it for Dirty Kanza, Belgian Waffle Ride, Crushar in the Tushar, multiple Everestings and 28 Century Rides…I had to look that last number up and it surprised me! I’ll definitely be putting to good use this year!


Belgian Blue and the (in)famous San Marcos Tan Lines from BWR!

The offer an amazingly wide range of clothing from entry level bibs that don’t skimp on any detail (I actually prefer these) to top of the line ride all day bibs that match and exceed anything that’s in the market. They have a full range of matching kits and understand the need for the classic black look. In addition, there is a broad and deep range of clothing and accessories for all seasons and all conditions. They also have dedicated custom team that looks after many clubs and teams.

Being selected gets you into an exclusive club, as it stands there are currently only 280 Members. In addition to the Pactimo benefits you get hooked up with a bunch of other industry leaders. The real long-term benefit is that once you have completed your year you become an Alumni, I am pretty sure that this is unique benefit? It’s certainly not one I have seen before. With Alumni status you still have access to the Ambassador clothing line and some of the other benefits too so it’s well worth crafting a solid application.

One other thing, don’t feel intimidated, the riding ability is across the board from active beginners all the way up to experts. For reference I would place myself somewhere closer to the expert end, maybe a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Applications are open right now and close on January 22 with the 2019 line up announced on February 8.

If you’re Pactimo curious use the discount code “everyadventure” for a one time 30% off code.

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