Friday, April 11, 2008

Can you help?

So I am thinking of going from Blog to Vlog or even to WebTV, I have been discussing it with some folks in the know and they think that it’s a good proposition and that there is a niche to fill, I have several ideas but I wanted to get some reader input.

To that end I have created a little survey, see right hand column which offers several choices for content. Each episode would be less than 10 minutes so bear that in mind when responding, please pick your top three, I would support it with the written blog that would provide deeper content, links, photos and the like, basically enough information to support the video.

I know am asking a huge favor for you to respond but I really do appreciate your thoughts it and it will be really useful in making decisions. Please leave as detailed comments as you would like too so I can get a feeling for which direction to drive this…stand by, this could be a lot of fun.


  1. SLB,
    Tough to pick 3 topics. All of them look interesting. Overall, a terrific idea!!

  2. I'm voting "other."

    i would still read the blog but probably not the vlog :) i'm too impatient. i like the written word. :)

  3. SLB, I have to admit my ignorance. I don't know what weblog or the other one is. I like reading your blog because I can do it during a break at work, but I can't really listen to audio. I do load up podcast. I would subscribe if I could in itunes for my commute. All sound good!

  4. I actually REALLY like the idea. With the kids, sometimes it's hard for me to sit down and read (go figure right? Since I have 100 billion peeps on my blogroll :P) but seriously, a lot of times I have to come back to blogs because I'm needed to go get a drink, Mom I have to use the potty, etc . . but this way I could just crank the volume/peek in and hear what the blog post is about even if I'm not REALLY looking, KWIM?

  5. I'm split. I think for stuff like reviews and/or race reports the VLOG might be good in that those types of posts can otherwise get long very easily.

    But for day to day stuff - like the written version since I can fit it in and access it just about anywhere (such as on a plane).

    Just my two cents. :)

  6. I picked more than three.... like to live on the wild side. Was the video suppose to play?? If you move.... I better be informed :)

    BTW... my nephew things I am the COOLEST Aunt now that I am on FaceBook. He showed me a few things I need to do this past weekend. MAYBE I will sign in more.

    Here is a question for you?....... Where and how do you make the time for all the reading, posting, training, family, work stuff. I am not be finny! Maybe I need more organization to get more done in the day. I am still reading a book I started over a month go!!!

  7. I know this probably seems meaningless because of how far behind I am on catching up with blogs (just got caught up with yours and I swear I will do the tag tomorrow), but... I tend to be even slower reading blogs that have videos in them. Sometimes I can't have sound (work, plane with no headphones, my personal laptop on which the sound is broken, etc). Also, I sometimes listen to music while I read blogs - whic hI can't do if it's a video. Plus, I read really fast so watching a video generally takes a lot longer. So in sum, I'd really prefer the written word, though if you throw in a video post or two I wouldn't be too upset.

  8. I think this is a great idea to provide some content in a different format from the usually audio-only podcasts (of which I have my own). I'm looking forward to what you come up with with.


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