Thursday, April 17, 2008

This one's for Marcy!

After totalling my rear wheel last weekend, I have be pawing over ebay looking for a new one (set). A quick correspondence with DCRainmaker put me in touch with The Wrench over at Wrenched By Winz, (you have got to love blog networking), it’s a great blog if you’re even remotely interested in bikes and it's pretty cool if you're not. The Wrench provided me some comments and feedback on a few makes, models and sets etc that I had been perusing online namely; Mavic, ALX or Cane Creek.

Well today I scored. A nice set of Cane Creek Aerohead SGs, albeit used but in, I am told “like new” condition, complete with tires; yay, no skewers; boo. Retail price new $550, ebay price $120.09. On that note if any of you (that means you Marcy) are an ebay shopper and are fed up being pipped at the post check out Auction Sentry, it’s a very nice little snipe program. OK I am off to pack my drop bags.


  1. ya, got my refund already :D don't forget, i'm in Canada, i'm sure the process is somewhat different... but i also did the cash back thing at H&R block, since i'm going away in 3 weeks, and im sure with my luck, the cheque would come in the mail while i was gone... so i figured i'd pay the extra just to have it now... so how close are those firestations??? LOL

  2. Awesome! Happy to be of service.

    Well, not that kinda servicing...but ya know what I mean.


  3. ROFLMAO HAHHAHAHAHAHAA. You truly are evil, pure evil ;-) Actually you know where I REALLY need you? Is in the dept stores :P


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