Saturday, April 5, 2008


… "things seem to be pretty good"…you know what these are don’t you; famous last words.

My legs have been filleted! At least my left one has. Put me on the list for replacements. It would seem to be official but I am the recipient of a nice (read nasty) case of ITB! Merv I’ll take southern provinces of Thailand for 10; Phuket (Hard T; keep it pseudo clean)!

I’ve some serious thinking in the next week and one big question to answer, but it ain’t looking good, check back for my Great Race report ran this morning…exits stage left kicking dust and cursing under breath.


  1. So, does my response need to take the form of a question?

  2. Sorry to hear that. It seems everyone's getting plagued by injuries right now. I think a discussion with the running gods is in order.

  3. :-( I'm sorry homie. That really sucks. BAH!

  4. sorry to hear that... that stinks. wishing you a speedy recovery

  5. Bummer. Hopefully you'll get all fixed up quickly.

  6. This ITB injury bug is going around. I felt one coming on a few months ago and fought back with a new pair of shoes and daily stretching. It went away! Hopefully, yours will pass quickly.

    Thanks for stopping by my net home.


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