Sunday, January 24, 2010

20/20 Challenge Week 1


Well the votes, are in, well they are not votes but you know what I mean! It seems the weather, travel and a some status quo have all taken their toll.

It’s ok we have another 10 weeks to go and this is early days. All things being equal not a bad week for the first one and especially as I seem to have won…er not quite the point here folks! Still all is not lost as this means I get to claim the $20 RRS Gift Certificate from, well, me! So that was easy and painless, next week someone will need to put their hand in their pocket, you can follow who has here.

I got a couple of emails asking how this exactly will work, so think of it like a pool and each week the winner claims from it; RRS allows you to send a Gift Certificate to someone else, so starting next week the winner will claim from the pool proper, no more claiming your own!

MacncheatOk moving on. Today I posted on Twitter that I was making Mac-n-Cheat and someone asked for the recipe. so here you go. it’s a dead easy recipe, and is way healthier than your typical Mac –n-Cheese. You will need:

6-8 medium to large carrots, box of pasta, half block of good cheese, I prefer cheddar, the quality of the cheese offsets the lack of quantity. Ratio the carrots to cheese at 2:1.

Boil the carrots until they are soft enough to puree and them, well, puree them. Using the same water boil up the pasta, drain and then mix in the puree and the cheese and voila. Significantly less calories then your typical version and for fellow parents it’s an easy way to get one portion of veggies inside picky kids, and if I say so myself it’s really tasty too!

Here starts Week 2, let’s get it on, off!


  1. That recipe looks good - think I'll try it myself!

    Congrats to all the weight loss tweeps!

  2. Congrats, Stuart!
    I'll come out on top one of these weeks!

  3. DOH! So close! :-)

    Thanks for posting the recipe and good showing this week.

  4. dang! and here i thought i did pretty good! lies, lies! :)

  5. it! I wonder if I could sneak this past my family. they know I try and are all over me for it. hmmmmmm.

  6. Great work on your first week Stuart!
    I am coming for you this week though...time to get serious! :)
    Good luck all...and see you Sunday!
    Tribork out...

  7. ah i'm sorry. that looks disgusting. :)

    thanks always for the challenge...wait, i'm under billy???

  8. That's pretty good for the 1st week! Keep it up challengers!

  9. Great idea Stuart! It would be nice to add mac and cheese back to my menu. But - where's the tabasco?

  10. Doh. I had The Cheesiest yesterdayand kept thinking it sucked how many calories I was eating...this would have been so much better.


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