Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's on like Donkey Kong!

Yesterday was my long tempo run, 8 miles at 7:05, first and last are a warm up and cool down. My mind wasn’t in it, in fact I had said on Twitter…

Tweetbitchin So after some procrastination I just got changed and got on with it. I knew within a quarter mile it was going to be good run. The route takes me around my local neighborhood; there are some short steepish hills both up and down and some longer sweeping ones too, as well as some traffic lights that I have to stop at and where I pause my Garmin. The miles were just clicking by and when I hit the end of mile 4 in 28:06 I knew it was going well and I decided to keep the pressure on I clocked through the 10k distance and hit the lap counter, this would completely throw me off at mile 7 but I wanted to see where I was at for the 10k. I finished the 7 miles in 50:03 and then added the eighth mile in 6:56 for a total of 8.21 in 56:59 just under three minutes faster than my run on Thursday which was over a quarter mile less.

SundaytempoMy 10k came in at 42:48, needless to say I am happy, ecstatic, cartwheeling around the lounge, that’s 5:05 minutes off my PR…as for next Sunday, oh yeah it is, as they say, on like Donkey Kong!


  1. Great job, you are fast!
    P.S. I LOVED playing Donkey Kong. ;)

  2. that's a hella fast 10k brother! i find 10k is the hardest/most painful distance. period. good job!

  3. Way to rock it! Thanks for all the reviews - they are very helpful. I need to do some shopping soon!

  4. see what happens when you aren't banging out 100 10 minute smiles :-)

  5. Nice job stuart, even with the leg thrashing that took place at Toys R Us! HAHAHAHA

  6. Excellent! That's a huge improvement!


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