Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Review; Men’s Health Ultimate Smoothie Selector

This may be the cheapest product that I will ever review but even so it is also quite possibly the tastiest! I should caveat that unless you are an iPhone owner or an iTouch user (I am the latter) you can probably skip the whole thing and look out for next post.

So I was cruising through the iTunes app store and I came across the Men’s Health Ultimate Smoothie Selector; so what’s not to like – I am a man; check, I am interested in my health; check, Ultimate; I think I missed this for Ultramate, check, Smoothie; yummy, check, Selector; check. Price 99c, err ok!

Having played with it for a few weeks now I have to say that it certainly lives up to its name. The main functions provide you a menu of over 100 smoothies that address; Breakfast, Dessert, Health Booster, Meal Replacement, Pre Workout and Post Workout. I am assuming that this is a growing database as when I am offline my iTouch attempts to connect to the internet and complains when it can’t. You can search and sort Alphabetically, by Rating (you add the rating) by Date consumed or by Goal; which are the categories listed above. You can create and save your own recipes. There is a section with 25 tips on how to make them; how to avoid too much liquids, what ingredients do what i.e. peanut butter for protein, blueberries for antioxidants etc.

Also included for each recipe is the caloric info and the breakdown of protein, carbs, fat, sodium and fiber, important stuff if you watching these things!

So the proof is of course in the blender! Well I’ll spare you all the lip smacking suffice to say, with the exception of avoiding the ones I know will be a miss; green tea and coffee based, everything is a hit so far.

As mentioned it only costs 99c so if you're all “i”d up give it a go, if you thinking about buying a new phone or changing carrier…well that’s a whole different conversation altogether!

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PS I omitted to add that while not so taken with drinking POM "neat" as it were, it goes really well in the blender, you can read my
POM review here.


  1. I'm not a man, but that does sound like a great app! I love smoothies. It's even better if I know how to make them right and what is in them.

  2. hmmm, not a man, but I still may check it out since I'm often looking to make a tasty shake after a workout! Thanks for the review!

  3. Very cool app Stuart! I'm going to need to look into this one and make sure the blender isn't broken....

  4. Now that's an app I could go for. What's the dealio with the iTouch, and why would I wantz one?

  5. Very solid, I'll be adding that before the weekend starts. I'm always thinking about a smoothie to make, but never can quite nail out the ingrediant rations perfectly.

  6. Sounds like a winner Stuart! That is cool that it gives you so many options. It seems my biggest problem is having all the ingredients in the house. :)


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