Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review; Moji Knee

mymoji We all have sore bits, and we’ve all sat in the evening with a bag of frozen peas on sore bits, it’s ok you can admit it, you’re among friends.

If you’re lucky somewhere along the line you’ve picked up a flexible ice pack that you’ve strapped on by way of a tea towel and if you’ve been really lucky you may have one with some rough fabric and an inch of Velcro at one end!

Well as Dylan once said the times they are a changing, well they are at least for your knees…say hello your new best friend, the Moji!

From their website:

…“Moji products apply 21st century technology and materials to create innovation in the icing category. A host of published research supports icing (aka "cold compression therapy") as one of the simplest, most-effective, and critical measures toward post-workout recovery, injury prevention, and rehabilitation”…

So here’s the lay person’s review. The Moji comes as a two piece kit; the cold cell unit and the Compression Wrap, they’re presented in a simple plastic envelope which allows you to store the cold cell in the freezer without issue (issue = leaking stuff i.e. ice cream!) you can tuck the Wrap in your sports drawer. Let’s review each piece individually;

coldcell The cold cell is designed as a circular, jointed unit that allows it to mold itself to your knee, each cell contains proprietary gel which is designed to retain its temperature for at least 20 minutes post freezer and not freeze solid and in fact it doesn’t even become that stiff.

One one side it’s covered in a soft fabric which is gentle on your skin and has the ability to remove any moisture. The flexibility actually allows you to envelope your knee and actually target the whole area with, well, cold!

The back side has the soft loop end of Velcro which attaches to the wrap.

wrap The Wrap is made predominantly from PolarTec fabric, it’s an X shape with a wicking knee panel and has four straps that wrap around, in fact they act as compression, did I mention this week that I like compression…I think I did once of twice, to your knee to add additional support. Silicon stretch tabs with velcro ensure that the Moji stays on, so you can walk around with the risk of it slipping down. In fact you can jump about with it on while chasing two kids around…been there done that!

Its a bit bulky but ladies with a long skirt or men or women with loose pant could easily wear it underneath without issue…or just wear shorts and to hell with the funny looks, when you're 40+ like me who cares!

The Cold Cell attaches to the Wrap by way of several Velcro “stripes” and these effectively hold it in place within the wrap; it’s very simple and very effective.

Moji’s website provides lots of info in their Interactive Library, articles not only on icing but also, ironically on warming up, there’s a blog, videos and of course a shop where you can order on line. Currently the Moji is available as a knee wrap and a back wrap, a leg wrap and shoulder wrap are scheduled for release this year. There are several retail outlets scattered across the US and one in Canada. The knee wrap is priced at $89, the back wrap is $129 and there are several accessories as well. Clearly this is not a cheap purchase but it if you are prone to sore knees (or back) this could very well be an investment for you.

I suppose the question I should ask is would I have bought it, well, the answer is probably not, (although I am such a gear junkie that just maybe I would have?) but this is based the fact that my knees, while occasionally sore are not as much as a major issue for me as they are for some. If you are someone who has or is having problems then this really could be a sound and solid investment.

This product was provided free of charge by Moji. See previous gear reviews in the sidebar on the right. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at


  1. I just reviewed this as well and I really liked it. I was surprised how great the product was made, and your review was much more technical than mine, but is anyone surprised?! :) Great review stuart!

  2. Very interesting review. Thankful I am not one to have knee problems BUT I can see where this would benefit those that do.


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