Monday, May 17, 2010

Off the beaten track…ultra cool shirts!

LVOS 2008 by quadrathon.So if you’ve followed my blog for any time you’ll know that the Sunday or Monday post is usually a write up of my gallivanting from the weekend, usually along with some photos or video. This week I thought I would do something a bit different.

There’s a quintessential look that a trail or ultra runner’s shirt has; capped sleeves often with the name of an “outdoor” brand; Patagonia, Montrail, Sportiva or the ever popular Auburn Running Company. Conversely your typical road running has a look, Asics, Nike, Adidas and the like, often matching top and bottom, with some subtle trimming. I am not looking to stereotype anyone, these are just the facts, check out a copy of Runner’s World or UltraRunning and you’ll see.

So there’s a gap here for some out of the box thinking, allow me to introduce you to some folks that are filling it!

First up Atayne. I first heard about Atayne from Paige’s blog. Occupying unique space Atayne’s shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles! There’s a whole bunch of sciency stuff on their website. Eco friendly their mission is “One with People, One with Planet, and One with Performance.” Essentially the end product is an awesome technical shirt that works, they’re a little bit thicker and a little more fitted than you might be used so and they have a raglan sleeve which is also a little unusual. WRC offers several styles in addition to they’re own logo’d version all of which tie in the outdoors, running and recycling, Atayne have a few more available on their website for cyclists and triatheletes.


Second on the docket is They produce a line of tech shirts that appeal to the more outgoing runner someone who doesn’t mind saying LOOK AT ME and also someone who takes their running seriously but doesn’t take themselves too seriously! Their shirts have; from their website “unique slogans and designs are heat transferred (BURNED) directly into the fabric….graphics add no weight, attract no heat and don't wear off before a shirt is retired”. A traditional cut, their technical shirts work and if you want to get you psych on pre race, they offer many in a cotton versions too. With big graphics, smart designs and a technical shirt that does the job…what’s not to like!

imageLastly and by no means least is PunkRockRacing. If like me you grew up in the 70’s you’ll remember the punk rock thing, now combine that with endurance sports; running, cycling and triathletes…you see what I mean. A brash start up from Northern CA, these fly in the face of convention with some catchy graphics with a big attitude! Their stated manifesto; The Punk Rock Racing revolution is simple: Like-minded people pushing the envelope against gravity today with the understanding that—win, lose or draw—they will be back tomorrow…They’re currently offering a few tech shirts with more promised in June as well as a line of non sports clothing, hoodies, hats and the like! Again a great tech shirt that does exactly what it’s supposed to!wings2

Now with all of you in mind and ‘cos I am brash enough to ask! I managed to get a freebie from each company, I am going to spare you the join this, follow that hoopla, although if you want to they’re all on FaceBook, Twitter and the like. Nope this is a simple draw. One entry per person, state you name and tell me which one you fancy; I have shirts from Atayne via the good folks at Wilderness Running Company and Ink-n-Burn and a Hoodie from PunkRockRacing; it’s a large and is a bit small for me. I draw out names on Saturday.

So there you have it, three alternatives to take you off the beaten track!

Oh and if you like the shirt in the very first photo that’s a one off from my friend here…sorry!


  1. As soon as I saw the title of this post I was thinking "Ink 'N Burn!" Nice job on the feature! I love Atayne, too.

    So what's the logo on the I'NB shirt you're offering? Does it say "Ultra Girl"? Is it a women's medium? (And could I be any more picky?) If the answer is yes, then I'll take it! :)(Otherwise, don't worry about swag for me.)

    Also, nice shot of you in the WRC shirt. I think we should all organize a day where we post a pic on our blogs of ourselves in our WRC shirts. What do you think? ;)

  2. Stuart...I've got my hopes set on that hoodie from PunkRockRacing!

    Oh, and my name is Bryan.

  3. I'd sure like to give one of the Atayne shirts a try.

  4. I'm not worthy to wear ultra running stuff :-)

  5. Oh, hell, I guess my quintessential look is all wrong! Sure, I'll play, for the Atayne shirt please! I'll never be fashionable otherwise.

  6. count me in!! I'll go for anything in a small (women's preferred).

    - Tran

  7. Ink n' Burn are so freaking cool. The Ultra world needs to be tapped into.

  8. I love the post on running clothes, I'm always on the prowl for something unique and new, thanks!
    And put me in for the hoodie please!

  9. Kovas here - I already follow Ron so I'd love the Punk Rock Racing hoodie! (If I don't win, I'll probably buy one anyway.)

  10. I like the Ink-n-burn idea. So many times, the excessive logos add un-needed weight and alter the feel of the fabric on the front causing chafing.

  11. i'll have to leave these shirts for the men as they prob won't fit me. i am anxiously waiting for ron/PRR to put out more shirts!!

  12. I'm currently sporting my Punk Rock Racing hoodie (gotta love casual days at the office!) - I swear it's the softest hoodie I own!!!

    I've never heard of the other two to check them out :)

  13. Thanks for sharing, especially promoting my buddy Ron and PunkRockRacing! I love the stuff and want the hoodie so bad (large would be big for me though) I'm gonna order it soon!!!

    I was a bit behind on your posts but thanks for always sharing, I loved all the blogs you posted to check out!

  14. Some cool t-shirts there Stuart! Particularly like the Ink N Burn ones... I wonder if they ship to the UK :)

  15. Very cool Stuart! I have a couple of Ink n burns. And I have a Punk Rock Racing hat (It's not the name, it's rthe experience right?). I even have the non-matching shorts tk go along with it. Guess that makes me a trail runner, even though what I do on a trail hardly qualifies as running. Ha ha!

    Can I enter for one of Ron's shirts? Thanks!


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