Saturday, May 29, 2010

Working the Workout Lunch…

Well after three months at my new job I am finally starting to feel like I have my head above water! I am sure that’s all about to change as we start a new software development cycle, but I’ll take it for now! As per this post I have been trying to get out for a lunchtime workout; Monday, Wednesday and Friday I run and Tuesday and Thursday use the elliptical machine and do weights. My office is next door to a 24 hour Fitness gym so the commute is minimal and a I get it all done in around an hour or so. This week I almost made it 5:5; a working lunch on Tuesday put the kybosh on that. If you remember this post I have been running on this path, it basically takes you towards the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and I am wondering if it leads to a trail head, the aerial view looks like it might. It’s basically uphill turnaround and downhill back and I’ve been going a little further each time, yesterday I thought I had cracked it but it seems I will need to round a few more bends to find out…the adventure continues!


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  1. You'll crack that egg :-) Have fun!! (and a safe pleasant weekend)


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