Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday…get em’ while they’re hot!

black-fridayUnique to the US Black Friday is the first available shopping day after Thanksgiving, assuming the store is actually closed on Thanksgiving I saw a few open on the way to my Turkey Trot yesterday. Basically the stores are vying for you attention and dollars with them opening their doors earlier and earlier…7:00am, 5:00am, 4:00am even midnight, and yes some people have been camping out all week!

While I like a bargain like the next person it all gets a bit crazy this time of year!

There was a time when I would have been there in line, well to hell with that, now we have the internet! So here are bunch of Black Friday deals that have come across my inbox and you do not need to leave the comfort of your armchair for:

Primal Wear are offering 50% off everything in their E-Team category, my first ‘unusual’ cycling shirt was from Primal so I always have a soft spot for them, follow the link and use the code ETeam511

Voler is also blowing out this years inventory so there is 20% off everything including stuff that’s already in their sale, Voler makes most of Hammer’s cycling kit

ProBikeKit has up to 70% on some items, 15% cashback on frames and has a Christmas Advent Calendar with 40% each item leading up to Christmas

Don’t forget to check out PricePoint, Nashbar and Competitive Cyclist too the latter is offering a free online subscription to the new cycling magazine Peleton

Sugoi have a 40% off sale through the weekend,so if you are not a Brand Champion you can get your hands some of their great running, biking or tri clothing

Rudy Project is having a one day extravaganza , spend $X and get Y and Z thrown in!

My friends at Wilderness Running Company has a blowout on their shoes with some pairs over 50% discounted including some winter ones with nice features such as Gore-Tex, using quad10 at the checkout will get you an extra 10% off

Hammer Nutrition, has it’s annual 20% off sale, that’s 20% off everything, while I don’t use their nutritional products so much these days, I love their cycling kits and they also carry clothing for runners and triathletes

Garmin has its Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals posted online including the Forerunner 405, Edge bike mounts and HR straps

Talking of Garmin, RoadRunnerSports has the latest Forerunner the 310XT at 25% off it’s now down to $299 as well as lots of shoes at 25% off and a whole bunch of Christmas specials

Gu has a bunch of specials, the one I like is the 20% of their sample pack, one of everything they sell!

So there you have it some of these deals are just for this weekend other last a little longer so get on them pretty quick – oh and full disclosure I am an affiliate of WRC and PBK which means I get a little bit for every dollar you spend. I have a whole bunch of ideas for Christmas gifts that I will be posting soon too so stay tuned.


  1. nice compilation of deals! i am definitely NOT one to brave the crowded roads and stores today. usually my family goes hiking (the complete opposite of everyone else) but it's raining this year :(

  2. Wow. I need to pop over to Wilderness Running Co and grab a pair of Sportivas while they're on sale!


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