Saturday, November 6, 2010

Randomocity; miscellaneous musings…

A bit of a slow start to November on the old blogging front. Super busy week at work put the kybosh on most things #socialmedia, once again I am behind on my reader, a half edited Podcast sits on my mac and my training is, well, really a bit of a joke!

So in time honored bullet point fashion here we go…in no particular order:

  • Rode my longest ride on the new bike on Tuesday; 55m in 3:18 I was a fraction shy of a sub three hour 50 miles
  • Also on the bike front I nearly hit 20 miles in an hour on the road…well nearly means I was 5 minutes over…but I was pleased
  • I am on saddle #4 and struggling to find that perfect fit, was a bit numb after Tuesday!
  • Rode for the first time in a Bib (rather than shorts)…it felt what I imagine control hose feels like?!?
  • Running…yeah been meaning to do some of that…#fail!
  • Despite my best attempt I did not overdose on candy and crap at Halloween…I really did give it a good try through!
  • I still haven’t booked my ferry ticket to Catalina for next weekend’s Eco Marathon…yeah I am totally going to hurt after that race!
  • I haven’t signed up for the race the following weekend either…that I am not so worried about; I know the RD!
  • Come the end of November this year is wrapped up…well I might do a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving or something. If I do a 5k I will have raced everything from a 5k to a 50k this year…but let’s not get ahead of myself!

So there you go…it’s really not that interesting it is…oh well, normal service will be resumed shortly. As per my last post I have a bunch of giveaways coming up along with a ton of stuff I am reviewing including the new(ish) Kinvara from Saucony!

Oh yeah and if you’re running NYC tomorrow…what the hell are you still doing awake!


  1. Oh Catalina!!! I can't wait to read your race report, it's on my maybe list!

    Keep up the great workouts, you are killing the bike!

  2. So excited about hearing about the Eco Marathon! That was on my short list, but figured out I wouldn't be ready in time.

    Good luck finding the right saddle for you!

  3. If only there was a PERFECT saddle that could be found. I am in the market myself! Will be testing some for weeks to come I fear.

  4. can't believe you're just finding bib shorts. they're the bomb! great work on the bike!


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