Saturday, November 20, 2010

Discretion over Destruction!

It took a full five days and and 90 minutes being kneaded like a piece of 3 week old dough on a massage table for me to feel like me legs have grown back. I probably didn’t help the cause much as this week has been another full on week at work and that has resulted in err nada training during the week. On Twitter I asked the question was I on a permanent taper as I am not running between races or am I just a lazy bum? Ach whatever really, I am enjoying the runs and that’s what counts. There’s no chances of me setting the world alight with my performance but these are just fun runs on the trails and I get to hang out with some like minded people. Tomorrow I am at the PCTR Pt Mugu race, Billy, Rachel, Penny, Emil and Dave will be there for sure.

That being said with Penny scaling back her 50k attempt to 30k this weekend I am off the hook for my pacing duties and so I dropped to to the 30k also. I was pretty good through to 15 miles last weekend and so I think I can bluff my way to the end, the last three miles are not as quad busting as Catalina it should also reduce the recovery time as I am supposed to be running a family Turkey Trot on Thursday!

Another thing that’s going to be different is the weather:

Eco (31) pctr50k2007

Last weekend (Catalina Eco Marathon 2010)

Forecasted for Sunday (PCTR Pt Mugu 50k 2007)

As I look out the window, it’s drizzling and it’s been raining all night…bring it on I say, that’ll make it just more fun in my books, here’s the actual forecast:


So that’s my plans for my weekend as always I will running along grinning grimacing like a fool! Performance wise – well somewhere around 3:45 would be good!

Finally good luck to Wes at IronMan Arizona tomorrow, I am (as usual) behind on everyone else's adventures so if you are racing this weekend good luck to you to!


  1. Permanent Taper -- I like that! (the wording that is, not the fact so much, it seems I've been on a permanent taper since June : (

    Good luck to you! I say if you're still smiling at the end, then it's a success!

  2. 30k? With the weather forecast, I'm slightly envious... :) See you in the morning!

  3. Looking forward to seeing you out there tomorrow. As you said, the weather should be interesting!


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