Sunday, April 17, 2011


When I started my most reincarnation of runner, I started using Nike+ over time that has led me through Buckeye Outdoors, Go Wagon, Facebook, Twitter and finally to Daily Mile, if you’re not familiar with it think of it as Facebook for athletes, and don’t let “athlete” put you off joining, if you run, bike, swim or crawl you’re welcomed. I have had the opportunity to meet a few on line friends IRL (In Real Life) from most of these Domains although nowhere near as many as I would like. So when I “friended” Rebecca a triathlete who lived not 2 miles from me it was so going to happen that we would get together for a run or a ride…note, not swim, she has just come off of Oceanside 70.3 and has VineMan in two months. Anyway we went for the ride option, she claims her weakness is the bike, yeah right! She chicked me on the downhill's and was merrily cruising as I spent the bulk of my ride in Z4 and Z5 although I think the Z5 was from the downhill! It was also an opportunity to meet her husband and another IRL runner friend Bob joined us too.


Descent Patented by Six Flags!

We spent a great two and half hours cruising round a local riding route. The conversation as you would expect was racing and training but we even managed to touch our real lives, work, family etc and at the end we all sat down in Peets for a cold ice tea and cool down.

It was a good reminder that while we spend a lot of our time fitting in solitary miles there’s always room for good company.

bec_ron_edit Rebecca and Ron…one of the few times I was ahead of them both!


Rolling to a rest!


Peace out!


Getting all artsy with the reflection in my lenses

And so ended one of my biggest weeks of training in months!


  1. I feel the beginning of a great training relationship! Thanks to the internets!

  2. you said....there’s always room for good company.

    YES THERE IS!!!!! I miss being with others during my training. Have found that it is hard to get others to jump in some of what I am doing.

    Great to see you where on two wheels :)


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