Sunday, April 3, 2011

It doesn't not work!

I started wearing a Power Balance band last September or so. I had a twingery, you know one of those niggly things that just wouldn't go away, ice, rest, heat, stretching, massage nothing would make my adductors feel better, so I thought what the hell and I plonked down my cash...well to confess I got it on Amazon and paid less than $10.00 for it, that's something like a 60% discount.

With two marathons on my short term radar I was pretty desperate to find something that would help.

It arrived, I put it on, I ran two marathons and then a half and you know what I had no problems from my ads, nada, zip, zero!

Was it the super duper magnetic powers I brandished locked in a rubber bracelet, had I discovered the Omnitrix; could I become the next I look like a fool (ok don't answer that!) the better question is am superstitious well I am still wearing it, right! And I am sure you might be too!

Like I said it doesn't not work and as long as it keeps doing that I'll keep wearing it!

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  1. well, glad it's working for you! i have one somewhere but i didn't notice a difference with mine.

  2. REALLY? To be an *educated* skeptic, I should try one of these things . . . maybe I'd then become a convert? It just sounds so . . . pet-rockish!

  3. sounds like you need some of that super-silly elixir that will turn you into a super hero :-) LOL!


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