Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Review; Saucony Peregrine

Having review the Saucony Kinvara back in December I was very keen to take a look at and get some miles on the Peregrines. Built on the same last they are essentially the off road cousin to the Kinvara’s.


So first here is what Saucony has to say:

Trail runners helped pioneer the minimalist movement, so it was only "natural" to introduce the ProGrid Peregrine. Built on the same foot-form as the Kinvara and featuring a 4mm heel drop, the Peregrine is a must-have for any trail running enthusiast. Multi-direction lugs provide a sticky grip, so you can focus and feel your way through any terrain.

  • The trail blazing shoe that's a must-have for the outdoor runner
  • Minimalist, low profile and incredible responsiveness on uneven surfaces
  • Multi-directional lugs and sticky rubber for amazing traction and grip
  • Weight: 9.1 oz

So from the ground up here we go. The sole is flat, that is there is no differentiator between heel and sole, just a small break in the tread, the lugs are bi directional, giving you plenty of purchasing power on the sole for the ups and on the heels on the way down, with a little roll up over the toe. The rubber is nice and sticky and allows you to scamper over rocks without any fear of slipping. The outsole also has Saucony's latest version of ProGrid which is is 20% more responsive than EVA, what I can tell you is that it’s light and soft but it also rebounds nice and quickly. There is a little coverage along the top of the outsole to keep some of the mud and dust out.

The cushioning and rock plate is enough to give you some protection but these are a lightweight shoe and it takes a little time to adjust to that, think of this of these as a dirt bike compared to some heavier shoes which are more like a humvee, you have to pick your line around rather than simply plowing through.

The uppers are fabric with a unique web like covering which surrounds and molds to you you foot shape, I was a little worried that that would be a bit sloppy but the uppers work really well. The tongues are sewn in and that helps keep your  feet clean and the trail crud out…always a good thing! Solid lacing and sewn in looped eyelets keep the laces nice and tight. There is also a D ring for gaiters…I love love love this!


Out of the box I was a little worried that the toe box was going to be a bit small or tight, it is smaller than the Kinvara but there is plenty of room. Inside they are lined with Hydrator at the heel and have a breathable sockliner so you can avoid all that hot sweaty foot funkiness!

So what’s not to like, well to be honest nothing, they fit well, they ride well, they’re nice and light and with my shift to fore/mid foot running I had no issues in them.


So I guess you’re thinking they cost a bomb well sorry to disappoint you RRP is $90 and a quick hunt online found them for $10 less than that!

I suppose if I have to find a real fault it’s that they are only available in blue for men or green for women, compared to the Kinvara’s which are available in a rainbow palette of colors!

These shoes were provided free of charge by the good folks at Saucony. See previous gear reviews in the sidebar on the right. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at


  1. Lets go trail running!

  2. Great review Stuart. I think you sold me. I have been contemplating the Peregrines for sometime as i now have 3 pair of the Kinvaras. Last question is how can i get free shoes to review??? lol


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