Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Postcard from the Tour of Sufferlandria!

There is an ancient Chinese saying that if you want to eat the pig whole you had better have a flip top head! Despite my ability to navigate my mouth around some of the largest slices of toast, I do not have a flip top head.


And so it was with my attempted consumption of the Tour of Sufferlandria, 12 rides over 2 consecutive days totally over 10 hours on the trainer on the last weekend of the year was not quite to be. An enforced reduction on the trainer on day two and a rest day (or two) meant that the Tour was extended into four days.

Here are the details; 180.55 miles, ride time 11:34:19, Ave HR 118, Max HR 160, total distance traveled; about 20' moving my bike from one of the room to the other!

Each ride was ridden following Trainer Road and I dialed my FTP back to 80%, below is the Garmin Connect data from each day. You can look at my Trainer Road data here, a couple of the rides were out of sync but mostly they were fine.


Day 1; Fight Club, There is no Try, A Very Dark Place and The Extra Shot


Day 2; Angels, Hell Hath no Fury and Downward Spiral


Day 3; The Hunted, Revolver and Local Hero


Bottom line was having been off the bike for nearly 6 weeks since IMAZ other than the occasional poky ride here or there my toughness had softened and while heart was game my undercarriage had a very different viewpoint! Would I do it again…of course and next time quite possible in the two days or maybe even one to join the vaulted company of the Knights of Sufferlandria!

If you are interested there is an organized Tour being held online, you can see more details and register here.

With the Tour in my rear view mirror I am looking forward to starting my Training Plan proper next week!

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  1. This took some sort of zen mental toughness I'll never have, that's for sure. I've ridden the trainer just 2 hours over the last 3 days and when I saw it sitting in the garage this morning when I went to get something I literally had to look away.

    That said I tried The Long Scream yesterday - I did it twice as part of a broken brick session and it's definitely a great 30 minute TT workout.

    Anyway, well done sir.


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