Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still here…

“Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” Mark Twain

Well it’s not quite that bad but it’s nearly two weeks since my last post.The truth is that there I was merrily starting my training plan and I picked up a sore throat that turned into a cough which became bronchitis! Fun times resulting in 5 days off from training! Added to which my workload has suddenly gone through the roof and after a couple of days off work sick and I was well and truly on the back foot.

That being said a swift kick in the pants with some antibiotics brought me back to life and a restful weekend in Las Vegas was a good R&R prescription. I took this week off from swimming just to get me into the clear and I am feeling a 95% recovered now.


I am still looking to fall into  the “groove” with my training plan for IMSG70.3 in May and there is only 12 weeks to go! For IMAZ I really felt at one with the training but this time around I am seem to be struggling, it’s something quite intangible it may be because last year everything is new? I do think that is a factor along with it’s winter, yes we do have them here! It’s cold, dark and in recent days rainy. It’s no way a pity party but just an observation of how I feel.

The race is practically sold out, there are literally less than 10 slots less I have been told. The Pro list has expanded with the Likes of Craig Alexander, Andy Potts and Sebastian Kienle; the current men's 70.3 World Champion. On the female side Leanda Cave who currently holds the World Champion titles at the 70.3 and Ironman distance, Linsey Corbin and Meredith Kessler, the list is longer but this gives you an idea of the line up. I am assuming the turn out is also to do with the fact that the race is the US Pro Championship.


Some of my other plans for the year are changing but I am rolling with the punches and thinking long term, more info on that when things firm up a bit.

Finally I will leave you with this, it just flat out made me laugh…

I want cake!


  1. Just a bump in the road. Life is extra bumpy right now.

  2. The motivation will come back - I find that it usually takes me a while to get back into a rhythm mentally, but once it does, I forget what it felt like to be out of that groove. And that video is hilarious, I dig those guys!


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