Tuesday, January 29, 2013

IMSG training Week 4 & 5

I am never that keen on combining training week summaries and there is usually something that I forget from the first week, some great (or awful) moment in an workout that I would want to capture and communicate, not so this time for the simple reason that Week 4 was a bust. It started out well enough but per my last post a sore throat on one day was Bronchitis by the end of the week.  Two workouts for the week followed by five days sick and a sixth rest day, the week was basically a wash. So started week 5.
While I was still pretty “chesty” I decided to avoid the pool and substitute the swims for weights. I managed a couple of weight sessions but nothing greater than usual. One brick bike/run had to be cut short (read no run) as I ran out of time. With that being said it wasn’t all bad. Instead of the brick I decided to retest my FTP using TrainerRoad and despite being sick had a pretty good result upping it from 240 to 251. I also had a short pyramid run session which involved ramping up through my zones over three miles resulting in 8:45, 7:45 and 6:45 and then maintaining that over for varying elevations 4%/1% incline over tenths of a mile I did end the week strong with a 3.5 hour brick; 3 hours on the trainer and 56 miles in the bank and a 30 minute run on the treadmill. I was pleased with that as anyone knows riding a trainer is all riding…there’s no coasting!image
I rode this at 120% for the first 90 minutes and 130% for the second and ended up with roughly a 3 minute negative split over the 56 miles. My best time for this distance is still from Vineman in 2:52 so to get close to that on a trainer is somewhat pleasing
So basically Week 4 was essentially a write off, hoping to build on Week 5 onwards!

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