Sunday, January 6, 2013

IMSG training Week 2

Another week and more miles and time in the bank. This is really pre training and as mentioned earlier I am using the first three weeks to really just get the blood flowing and fall into a routine, especially with the addition of hitting the weights and adding some yoga, something which is new to me.

This week obviously had New Year’s Eve and Day at the beginning so my week ended up being a little back ended, not that that was a bad thing in the end as I had a rest day on Monday during the Tour of Sufferlandria (post Tour write up to follow), what that did mean was I had to double down on two days worth of weights in one day and had to throw in abs and yoga all on the same day but I seemed ok the next day so it worked out fine in the end. Overall I ended up less miles and time than Week 1 but the drop was from the bike.

The other thing that started as 2012 rolled over into 2013 was to jump back on the vegan band wagon, no real issues so far and I am still allowing milk in tea and half-and-half in coffee, I am applying the 90/10 rule and I sleep fine with that.

So here are the deets for the week and log so far;


imageA little short on my swim for the week…literally 8 minutes, but a great 15 mile base training run on Sunday and I hit all the weights and yoga goals!


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