Sunday, August 10, 2014

SCM Week 1

Week 1 in the bag, nothing much to report to be honest. It follows two weeks spent transitioning to a running based program. Wetsuits and bikes are now gathering dust in the closet which is more than can be said for my trail running shoes. Given that long term I am targeting an ultra in the Spring, (yes the Spring) , I am trying to get as many miles as I can on the trails along with elevation and decent!

So this week broke down as follows

  • Monday; off. Sofa so good!
  • Tuesday; Road. 5 miles recovery…yeah that 7:56 pace, not so recovery!
  • Wednesday; Trail. 6 miles 1125’ gain. Nice local run which has 4 miles on a local ridge trail, yeah I wasn’t quite a STRAVAsshole but I pushed hard for the KOM and that’s fair, right?!
  • Thursday. Treadmill. 6 miles easy, my Garmin and TM miles always disagree so I tend to go a bit long on the ‘mill and it’s set to 2% incline
  • Friday. Road. 6 miles. Hot and slow, mad dogs and Englishman and all that, started around 4:30pm and had to stop several times to get my HR down!
  • Saturday; off. 2 rest days in a week…marathon training is easy! 
  • Sunday; Trail. 12.14 miles long and slow(ish) local trail with some solid climbing over a 3-4 miles, another 2293’ of gain in the bank

Totals; 5 run, 5:41:37 and 35.25 miles. 4074’ of gain 

  • Road: 11.02 (31%)
  • T’mill: 6.01 (17%)
  • Trail: 18.15 (52%)

I’ll be happy if I can keep the trails above 50% of the miles on a per week basis.

Here are a couple of the best photos from the weekend;


IMG_9675  IMG_9691 IMG_9692

Week 2…coming up!

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