Sunday, December 20, 2015

Everesting Equipment List

This is a list post. It’s all the equipment list that I used for my Everesting ride, if you have any questions leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer.

Bike; a 2010 Cervelo R3, the R3 is their “comfort” bike, think Paris-Roubaix rather than Tour de France. The bike comes pretty well speced with a full Shimano Ultegra groupset and 3T cockpit and seat post. I have had this bike since new and other than replacing things that have worn out, cassettes, chain, bar tape I have hardly touched it in terms of upgrades. I had originally switched out the Fi`zi:k stock saddle for a Selle Italia model. This year that was replaced with an ISM Prologue saddle. I was riding in Speedplay pedals but switched these out for Garmin Vector 2s in September.

Drivetrain; for this ride I swapped out the 11-25 cassette for a 12-30, I also put on a Compact (50/34) Chainset, this change meant a shorter chain.

Wheels; after some research and before receiving my OrbisII wheels from 3T I opted for Shimano DuraAce 9000 C24s, lightweight and stiff. I was obviously more interested in the weight. Tire wise I had Continental Grand Prix 4000 IIS (23mm). Inner tubes were Avenir Lite 700x23x48

Lights and Power; I was fortunate enough that Garmin also sent me a Varia Light set. I was really impressed with these. I supplemented these with two Vomlite Cree lights on the front and a Magnus Innovation Bold II rear light. I had no expectation of any of these lasting through two nights. The Vomlites needed mains power so Becca charged these when she went home during the day, the Garmin and Bold lights were USB chargeable so they were charged in Base camp. I used an Anker PowerCore 10400 to charge my Garmin Edge 810 on the fly

Data Measurement; I mentioned I used my Garmin Edge 810, I recharged it once during the ride. I also had on my Garmin Fenix3, this was a backup. Like this 810 I charged it once during the ride and when I saw that the 810 would be good through to the end then I ignored it. It captured everything except the last couple of hours.

Clothing and Shoes; it was cold and it was only during the middle of the day that I was able to get the “warmers” off and get down to a Jersey, Vest and short fingered gloves, other than that I wore pretty much everything all the time! From the bottom up:

  • Bontrager RXL Shoes
  • Pactimo Alpine Toe Covers
  • Defeet Socks
  • Pearl Izumi leg warmers
  • Pactimo Ascent Pro Bibs
  • Pactimo Zero Weight Base Layer
  • Pactimo 2.0 Jersey
  • Pactimo Breckenridge Vest
  • Pactimo Breckenridge Jacket
  • Pactimo Cascade Jacket
  • Pearl Izumi Arm Warmers
  • Pearl Izumi Cyclone Gel Gloves (long fingered)
  • Castelli S Uno Gloves (short fingered)
  • Pactimo Neck Gaiter
  • Pactimo Cap
  • Pearl Izumi ear warmers
  • Headsweats Skull Cap
  • Louis Garneau Course Helmet


  • Oakley Fast Jacket glasses during the day and Perfomance Bike clear glasses at night
  • TransIt saddle bag with spares
  • Camelbak 21oz Podium Insulated bottle
  • Garmin Edge/Varia mount
  • Garmin GSC10 cadence monitor
  • Serfas Bento Box to hold the Anker power

Food/Nutrition; Much of my food was from the Skratch Portables book. Becca cooked up a storm in the kitchen with baked eggs, French Toast muffins and Mushroom Swiss Fritata. Becca also made up Skratch Raspberry Bars. beyond that I was also stocked with Lara Bars, Chips and Bananas. Fluid-wise I lived on warm Skratch Apple and Cinnamon, I would get through a bottle roughly every hour. This was supplemented with Hot Chocolate, Mexican (real sugar) coke, chicken noodle soup and good old coffee!

With the exception of some of the cold weather gear everything had been tested in the months prior. The wheels/tires were used for the Westlake Century and wheels and drivetrain was used for the Mike Nosco Memoroal Ride. The lights (except the Varia) were used at 12 Hours of Temecula.  

So as I said this is list post and this is everything I can remember.

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