Friday, December 4, 2015

Sono stato selezionato…

I feel very fortunate to have been selected by 3T Cycling as a Brand Ambassador for 2016. They had an online application earlier this year and I threw my hat into the ring after carefully crafting my application. I received the congratulations email last month and this month this turned up on my doorstep!


Inside were some very slick Orbis II wheels. I am a big fan of 3T, their design and functionality is flawless and I have upgraded all my bikes with 3T cockpits and saddle stems. The Orbis wheels make my Cervelo R3 look very pro for sure. Needless to say the ride is very smooth. I have put Schwable One clincher tires on them and they are 25mm wide, the extra width makes for a very comfortable ride! Expect to see plenty of photos of them in the future!

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  1. Great post, Stuart. I completely agree with you about 3T design quality. It is superb. Your ride looks absolutely terrific with their kit on every extremity.


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