Monday, October 24, 2016

CX Training Week 6

Race week, with that said my plan was to keep my foot on the gas as much as possible through the week.

Monday TrainerRoad West Vidette. An easy 45 minute recovery ride. I rode this at 90% of effort.


Tuesday TrainerRoad Xalibu+2. File this under FUGLY! Really struggles with this! Xalibu +2 consists of 7x5-minute race-like efforts beginning with a 30-second surge at 180% FTP. Followed closely by 8x 15s/15s. 15 seconds at 125% FTP and then float for 15 seconds at 88% FTP. Each effort is separated by 5 minutes of recovery.


Wednesday TrainerRoad Townsend. 95 mins Endurance ride


Thursday TrainerRoad The Priest+5. Dialed down to 95%. Accumulated fatigue is really setting in! The Priest +5 is 5x4-minute Big Gear Start intervals which grow to 6-minute. Each interval starts with a 30-second wind-up way up at 150% FTP in the biggest gear you can turn. then 5 minutes of Threshold work that start at 95% FTP but then slowly climb to 105% FTP. Each recovery between intervals is 5 minutes long.


Friday TrainerRoad Pettit. 60 mins endurance set to 95%.


Saturday TrainerRoad Ptarmigan. 1.5 hours of Aerobic Endurance spent almost entirely between 60-70% FTP cut the 3 hour ride short to go practice CX skills with Becca on her brick run.


Sunday. CX Racing, report to follow.


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