Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Thread & Spoke

Thread and Spoke produce some great and unique cycling focused T-shirt collections. They run limited batches of the designs in multiple colors and are always mixing up their catalog. As I only work from my office 2-3 days a week I pretty much live in shorts and T-shirts and as I already had a pile of their shirts in heavy rotation it seemed like a match made in heaven to partner with them and help promote the brand and collection.

I took delivery of a box this week which contained a good cross (no pun intended) and eclectic selection on offer. Given that it is Cross Season there was a couple of CX focused designs the rest covered a broad spectrum of cycling interests. All the designs are colorful and topical. From experience the shirts are great quality, wear, wash, dry (in a dryer) and repeat and you’re good to go!

Right now they have a great promotion of 20% off orders of $45 which is basically two shirts for $40. They often have sales too as they rotate through the collections. Additionally open an account and you will accumulate points which you can cash in at a later date! So everybody wins!


Check them out now at Thread & Spoke and tell them I sent you!

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