Thursday, October 20, 2016

Search LA

The problem with LA is the traffic…well that’s a given! Actually the real problem is there is no off season, mostly this is due to the weather!

I have bounced from event to even this year and have done very well considering when I started the year I had nothing on my schedule past Dirty Kanza in June! Since then I have attempted a High Rouleurs Ride, completed an(other) Everesting, I am in the middle of CX Season, I have a century in Death Valley next weekend and another charity ride in November. So when I heard about Search LA in December my interest was piqued!


140 miles, no support, gravel bike recommended, some great and challenging trails with 16,000’ of gain, on a Sunday (no kids) and in December, (potentially cooler), ability to map read or at best follow a route card…ok where do I sign? Well apparently nowhere, I send someone an email and I am in. Oh and there is no entry fee!


My kind of event!

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