Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Swag!

Laura Billy's Boot Camp DVD set CLAIMED by Laura

Viv (IronMan CoolMax Socks and Gu Roctane) CLAIMED by Pat

JKrunning $25 iTunes Card CLAIMED by Maddy

Robin (SC Brooks shirt and a pair of running socks) CLAIMED by NikeMom

Julianne (The Footwheel) CLAIMED by Julianne

Nick (1 Year Subscription to UR) CLAIMED by Robin

Stuart (Nike+ iPod Armband, Nike+ Chip, Pre Poster) CLAIMED by Maddy

Mediocre Pat (24 Vanilla Gels) CLAIMED by Laura

MCM Mama (Brooks LRS shirt) CLAIMED by MCM Mama

Stuart: Nike+ iPod Armband, Pre Poster & You Suck Postcards CLAIMED by Nikemom

Maddy ($20 gift card to Fleet Feet Sports)

Nikemom Johnny Wraps

and the Grand Prize of:

His 'n' Hers Nike DriFit shirts, a signed Sanya Richards poster, Olympic Trials shoe bag & Steve Prefontaine Book

The first weigh in is this Sunday, the top 2 weekly greatest losers(winners) choosing prizes and an extra prize for the overall winner.


  1. looks good! will be a fun challenge!

  2. Oh yay! Let the games begin! (The weight loss kind!)

  3. You missed me!!! How dare you. Now I'm just going to have to win so that I'll be more memorable.

    My swag item is a $25.00 iTunes gift card.

  4. Just so I'm clear - Nick donated a running girl? How exactly does that work...

    Ohhh...Pacers running shirt! Woot to the local Pacers running group. :)

  5. I promise I will come through! I think I'm getting out of work early tonight which will give me time to stop by a sports store and find something good.

  6. Wow! I just found your amazing and novel-like shoe reviews! Well done, and thanks :) This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm totally impressed with your running :) I'll stop back often to see what your up to.

  7. NICE! Wish I could have have joined you but too late!

    I am in your neck of the woods next weekend, and am doing the Calabasas 5K. :)

    Great job for getting this together.

  8. Everyone remember, I am still in a cast so, take it easy on me.

    If you don't, it won't matter you all are going down in flames anyway!

  9. Free fast-food coupons for everyone in the challenge.
    See my blog to see what you get.

    Eat up everyone.

  10. Haha nice Nick! This is my final week of no running (stupid shin splints), so I may be on the no-lose side this week (maybe even on the gain side), but wait until next week!


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