Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Swap Beat Week 2 Results

As promised here are the results of Week 2. Some significant shuffling across the ranks and two new winners. Congratulations Laura and Pat who storm into first and second place. No surprises there as I know both of these are serious competitors; Laura’s attempting to be the youngest runner to 50/50; that is run a marathon in each state! She’s having a tough time right now so hopefully this will give her a well deserved boost. If you haven’t read Pat’s blog he has set himself (and a few unsuspecting pals) the challenge of completing The Beast a series of ultra races in Virginia. Two hardcore individuals.

Winners please post your first and second prize choices in the comments section assuming no conflict you can then contact the owner of that prize for shipping etc, if you both want the same stuff Laura has priority. Here's the list of SWAG.Remember you can’t win two weeks in a row so Laura and Pat are out of the running this week. Congrats to everyone who went negative, with no long run last weekend I crept up…at least that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it!


  1. One question...

    What happened to Stuart this week? Did you eat too much while recovering from your.... dog bit :) Bet you will crush us all this week.

    Congrats to the top two this week. Glad to see Nick is finally in the game. Guess you don't need my cookies after all. Still have your wife on my baking list. :)

  2. Great job to everyone!

    Okay, so I'll give everyone a little hint. The secret to winning this thing is gorging yourself on cake, cookies, sake, wine, beer, and cocktails for a week... then spending the next week feeling ridiculously guilty and changing your eating habits drastically and running a marathon :)

    So I have a question. This darn Billy's Bootcamp pack has been sitting on my shelf waiting to be packed up and sent to whoever claims it... but now I keep eyeing it and wanting it. Am I allowed to claim my own prize, or is that not in the rules of Swap Beat?

  3. Congratulations to Laura and Pat!

  4. Congrats Laura and Pat.

    I think I'm currently starting the "load up on junk" week that Laura did last week. :o)

  5. Robin, no long run killed me and this week will be the same until the weekend, touch wood! I am still at an overall negative loss though.

    Laura I have no problem if you want to claim your own prize.

  6. That's what I like to see!!! Maybe I'll eat a few more cookies next week...who's with me?

    I'm in for the IronMan CoolMax Socks and Gu Roctane from Viv.

  7. Congrats to Laura and Pat this week!!!! Oh man, I think I had some serious water gain last week... This week, I've been good!!! Let's see what the scale says this Sunday!

    SLB, I amn really enjoying the Swap Beat, btw. I'm really motivated and actually think about food and exercise because of the weigh-ins!


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