Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tempo, Trick or Treat!

Friday night’s Tempo night. I was planning 10 miles but with Trick or Treating on the agenda I only had time for 8 miles. The plan was 2 miles at 8 minute pace, 4 miles at sub 7 minute pace, 1 mile at 8 minute and the last at 8:30.

Usual location on the beach path, it was overcast, cool a little humid and pretty empty, although I did meet my wife, who was also running, at my 2 miles mark (her six mile mark; she has a half marathon in December), a quick chat and I was off of my tempo section: the miles rolling by pretty quickly I managed to surprise a few cyclists who were pootling along. At the 4 mile mark I stopped stripped off my shirt and headed back, another 2 miles rolled by as I huffed and puffed getting more and more odd looks, I hit the 6 mile mark and started to put on the brakes and finally just eased into the last mile. As for the results well a picture is worth a 1000 words but it was pretty much on point of the four tempo miles the fastest was 6.46 and the slowest 7.04, just over my target , my other miles were pretty much where I wanted them to be pace wise. Here are the digits for those who need to know:

Afterwards I jumped in the car and headed straight to my son’s best friends house met my wife and we all went Trick or Treating, my son amassed a life time supply of candy…but that’s the point right!

Today it rained…a lot, thunder, lightening the whole nine yards, me thinks the trails might be a bit muddy tomorrow. I am meeting another member of the TRC an hour before the main group, at least it should not be too hot!

There’s still time to enroll in Swap-Beat and don’t forget to send me your starting weight by Monday morning and the item to swap. I’ll add a page with all the swag on it when I get a second, oh yeah and don’t forget the clocks go back tonight unless you live in Arizona or Hawaii.


  1. Glad your son made out so well with the candy -- more for you, right?

  2. Great job on your 8 miler! Oh and I need to send you my weight... Eeeek.

  3. Wow! Look at you all speedy ;-)

    Yeah totally forgot about the clocks back thing. GAHHH!!!

  4. Great job with your tempo run! You are working so hard, and its really paying off. What items for the Swap Beat. I may be interested in participating (as I mow down on a candy bar)


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