Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Review; Sugoi R&R Compression Socks

Following up on the previous reviews of compression socks the good folks at Wilderness Running Company kindly sent me a pair of Sugoi R&R Compression socks for review.

From Sugoi’s website the sock’s features include:

* Structured cushioning at footbed
* Dense cushioning at heel and toe where maximum impact occurs
* Mesh ventilation for improved breathability
* Lin-Toe reverse toe construction
* "Y" heel gore for improved fit, reducing slippage
* Progressive support from arch band to top welt
* 156N Hydrophobic/hydrophillic yarn combinations
* Anatomically correct left and right foot construction
* Lace pad cushioning

Like most quality socks they are foot specific. The first thing you notice is the various levels of compression that the sock provides; it is graduated throughout the leg section of the sock and also through the foot area. This is interesting and I wonder if the different zones are designed based on different muscle, tendon, soft tissue etc requirements; for example there is less compression on the toes, top of the foot (to make room for the lacing) and achilles area when compared to the calf area, where it is pretty tight. The heel construction is a little different from most socks which ‘turn’ a heel, the R&Rs have a Y shape that contours towards your heel from the front of your ankle and has a virtually invisible seam. The toe seam is also barely visible, this minimizes hot spot or blister points.

Internally the sole of the sock is cushioned, the cushioning is not uniform but is staged in little ‘islands’ along the length of the foot with a fully cushioned heel, I am not sure if this is based on reflexology or massage points in the foot or not but the cushioning is very effective. I have used these for post run recovery and have run a couple of 10 milers in them without issue, I wore when running the second run of a back to back session on long weekends (20m+/10m+) and my initial worry that that they would be hot was unfounded as they breath very well; which is good with local temperatures going north of 100f in the last two weeks. The cushioning works well, which is an advantage, in my opinion, over socks that have no cushioning. The elasticity is also very effective and they do not lose any stretchiness during a run or particularly overnight; something I have experienced with other compression socks.

Colorwise they come in sensible grey but the white trim, including some discreet logos, makes them a little more funkier than some socks; better for running, not so good for work on a Monday morning. Fitwise, as with all the other socks I reviewed, these easily reached all the way up my calf to below my knee. I had the size large and my calf measures 18' from ankle to below the knee.

Overall these a solid pair of compression socks from a reputable company, the big advantage for me is the fact I could run in them which gives them a dual purpose and in the current economy getting the most bang for your buck is never a bad thing, with that in mind WRC is offering an extra discount for Quadrathon readers of 10%, plus if you use the discount code 'Quad10' when you check out you’ll get an extra 10% off, click here to qualify for all these discounts and free shipping in the lower 48.

This is the final post in the review of the compression socks line up; check the 'Reviews' section in the right hand menu for the other three, the other companies who had offered products didn’t come through, if they do I will gladly review them, I have a final conclusion post which I will post later this week.


  1. another great review! Looking forward to your recap post!

  2. I have often heard friends say that the Compression Socks are a bit to tight in the toe area. Do you prefer the ankle up option of the entire sock option? Just curious.

    btw - love your previous post. Hard to fit so much fun in but as always you are smart to know what needs to be done.

  3. i love my sugoi socks! i have found though that those 'islands' get worn down after awhile and aren't so islandy anymore. but, i still wear them of course. they definitely make my calves feel better - now i just need thigh-high compression socks!

  4. Thanks for all these reviews -- and the discount is very cool!

  5. Great review, Stu. You sure you're not a salesman? :)

  6. Would be interested in hearing how you think they compare vs the Zensah socks. I have the Zensah and have definitely been liking them.

  7. I like that you ran in these as I've been considering a compression sock for running that might help with the PF issue (since it begins with the achilles and calf)... Eagerly awaiting the've been so darn thorough in all your reviews, now I need you to do the analysis and evaluation for me as well :-)


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