Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Review; Zensah® Compression Sock

As previously mentioned Zensah® originally offered Twitterers free compression socks in return for a review and so without further ado here it is. But first some background info from their website:

Based on the Italian word "SENZA" meaning to be "without" so too should athletes be "without limits." This mantra inspires us each and every day to create the most cutting edge sports apparel. All of our products are based upon seamless technology or without seams. Zensah was created to help athletes at all levels improve performance by developing technical sportswear with the use of cutting-edge technology.Zensah’s revolutionary seamless design consists of an ultra-breathable moisture wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the body allowing the garment and athlete to stay cool, dry and light.Zensah, the pioneer of gradient compression apparel, has created an innovative seamless garment designed as a true second-skin, providing the athlete greater performance, comfort and mobility. Features include:

*Seamless construction – Eliminates Chafing
*Zensah Silver Ions- Reduces bacteria growth & Takes Away the Stink
*Soft Hand – Most comfortable workout you will ever have
*Moisture Wicking- Faster than the other guys

I have been alternating the Zensah compression socks with the Recovery Sock post run and ride. However they do have a cushioned sole which has allowed me to run in them, but more on that later.

The socks are foot specific and for the easily confused, such as myself, they are clearly marked. They have a compression free toes; meaning there is plenty of wiggle room. The compression starts just below the toe seam, which is seamless, and continues through the ankle turn all the way to the top. They are long enough to reach just below my knee (18” from ankle bone to below knee). The compression is very supportive and uniform throughout, it is long lasting and is still holding it’s own at the end of the day or in the morning if I wore them overnight. There is a line, more than a seam, which rolls over the ankle from the turned heel but this is more visual than physical. The sole is cushioned by way of a very dense looping inside; this provided enough cushioning for me to run in them.

I have run in them 3-4 times during the month ranging from 8 miles through to 15 miles without issue. I was initially concerned that I might (a) overheat in them but this was not a problem or (b) that my shoes would feel too big due to the compression but this was not the case. Overall the compression really felt that it was delaying the fatigue especially at the longer distances

Available in black, white or beige the socks can be worn with daytime "civvy" clothing as well as what we all feel more comfortable in; sports clothes. Although some more funky colors wouldn't go amiss.

As previously stated it’s hard to gauge the scientific impact of compression as I can only compare it to historic ‘without’ data, what I would say is that I recently finished June with 51 hours of training including 180 miles running and nearly 300 miles on the bike without issue.

I am saving my final conclusions until the end of the series. Up next RecoFit Compression Calf Sleeves


  1. Can't wait for the final conclusion! I have the zensah and recovery socks and I choose zensah over recovery hands down. :)

  2. Good review. On the topic of compression - I have been using compression socks from SEP for about 6 months and love them. I do not run in them, just use them for 4-24 hours after the hard running sessions or races. Recently I bought Skins socks that are really just covering leg from ankle to knee and they work equally as well. I have used them for 3.5 hours car drive from my last race and I'm sure if I did not wear them my recovery would be significantly impaired.

    I'm not sure if the compression helps in races - quite a few triathletes use it in long events, but I found that it helps a lot in recovery after the training sessions.

  3. the heat factor is the biggest reason why i haven't ran in mine yet. the tan lines might be another :)

  4. haha, for the easily confused. I'd do well with the labeling too :) Looking forward to the your wrap up post!

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