Monday, July 6, 2009

You do the math!

You may have seen a similar image flashing in the right hand menu for the last month or so and wondered what the hell is this; so allow me to explain. A while back I was contacted by the Wilderness Running Company promoting themselves. I had seen their adverts in Trail Running Magazine, and this prompted to go to their website, a dialog was entered into and they asked if would be interested in writing some trail reports for their City Guides section of their website, always willing to share the beauty of my local mountains and with my pending assault on the Backbone Trail I jumped at the chance.

Then more recently I received another email inquiring as the whether I would be interested in reviewing some of the items that the carry in stock. Now if you know anything about me you'll know that I am a complete kit magpie; if it's shiny I want one! And so I jumped at the chance and one I got, in fact, one of each of the following:

Bridgedale Socks (Multisport, Trailhead, and Bamboo Lo)
Drymax Socks (Trail Running and Lite Trail Running; to follow)
Darn Tough Socks (Run-Bike Merino Wool-Cushion and the Run-Bike Merino Wool-Mesh)
Sugoi Socks (R&R Compression Knee High)
RecoFit Compression Calf Sleeves

They've a sock promotion going on in July and August, but I also got a pair of Oboz Ignition II trail shoes!

Now before you sigh and say sellout let me tell you a little about the company; they're a fairly new company, so they need all the help they can get. Like me, their focus is on trail running, like me, they like ultras but they are expanding to marathons and trail races in general. They provide online City Guides for trail running, an Owners Journal about new kit and ongoing tests, there's an affiliate program and oh yeah they have top notch product reviewers, (no not me) Donald from Running and Rambling is on board and he just finished the Western States 100 race!

And so c'mon what not to like, well how about sharing some of the love you ask; well okay, use the code Quad10 when you place your order and you qualify for 10% discount on your order and orders over $50 after the discount will also qualify for free shipping (in the lower-48). Click on the image above, the one in the side menu or here to place your order; don't click on the sock links or it won't work.

So far I am three pairs in so stand by for a sockreviewathon!


  1. You do such a great job on the reviews, seriously, it's not surprising that you get contacted to do these things! Well done! If it's shiny, i want it too LOL

  2. Looking forward to your sockareviewathon (did I get that right?!). Anyway to answer your question about the camel backpack, it is so I can easily get water on my bike. I find reaching down to the cage on my frame unnerving, I may try one of those front-mounted long straw bottles next time since the backpack was a pain at transition!

  3. It's your blog - do what you want to with it. LOL ;)
    I look forward to hearing what you think of the socks.

  4. LOL... dood! I haven't bought shoes in two years. This blogging stuff pays off interesting ways :-)

  5. sweet deal dude! i have the sugoi socks - love them myself :) nice score!!

  6. Sockreviewathon! Darn, way to keep the suspense building! Your reviewathon sounds better than mine though: jockitchreviewathon!

  7. Way to go. I came. I shopped. New jazzy "undergarment" on the way.


  8. Sweet, more gadgets...well, soft gadgets I suppose. ;)

  9. I love me some socks, so I would have said yes as well. Let me know if you ever have any good suggestions for sunglasses.

    BTW, nice 4th of july run - even if it was a little short.

  10. You can do all the reviews you want if I can get free shipping and a discount! Love the sock reviews...

    (oh, and I came over here when I saw on Twitter that you needed a few more hits to pass 30,000, but I see I'm too late to help out on that count...congrats anyway. That's a lot of readers!)

  11. oh how I LOVE socks! lucky you for getting to try out so many :)

  12. Yes, I have straight teeth! Grrrrr.
    Thanks for the giggle. ;)

  13. You are the KING of reviews. Always making sure to add the extra details. Keep them coming :)

  14. Cool. WRC seems to be doing all the right things for generating a loyal fan base.

    I'm looking at the same socks, too - we can compare notes perhaps, although I think you'll have your verdicts posted before me. Happy reviewing!


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