Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Grab-bag!

I am woefully behind; here’s a Grab-bag of stuff!

* Haven’t run since last Sunday!
* But I ordered some cool new running togs during the week!
* Haven’t biked either!
* But I did go into a bike shop and had a good nose around; SRAM Red and Dura Ace 7900….yummy!
* I am resting my knee; it’s still not 100%
* Started new job on Monday – yay! Have a 110 round trip commute – boo!
* Start work at 7:15am – yay! Supposed to finish at 3:45pm – yay! Hasn’t happened yet- boo!
* I have one more long run on AC100 course this weekend then taper baby – phew, just in time; 3 weeks of tapering!
* There are two fires burning around the course; keep your fingers crossed
* Good luck to Ray and Erin both are racing at Ironman Canada this weekend, and anyone else of course!
* If you listen to my random podcasting there’s a twofer coming this weekend…hopefully!
* I do plan to catch up on the 341 unread items in my Google Reader and comment, honest!
* Today’s my Birthday!
* Still in the same age group; which is good but no extra time for a BQ; which is bad – yeah I am thinking about it!
* And planning out next year’s stuff already; I’ve got some crazy adventures on my radar!
* Thank you everyone who wrote on my Facebook wall or Tweeted me; you guys rock!
* Going to see new Tarantino movie tonight then dinner with my beautiful wife!
* Ok that’s more than enough exclamation marks. I’ve more work to do….HaGW/E!!!


  1. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your new job!!

  2. lol, Stuart, you are funny.

    that is a LOOOOONG commute. what do you listen to in the car?

    i've been thinking of you with regards to the fires on the AC100 course--i hope the course remains intact.

    you should definitely go for the BQ--you can do it! (and i'll be there in 2010 :) )

    happy birthday, again! hope you have a great time with your wife.

  3. happy birthday!! and Congrats on the new job!! See, i added a few more exclamation points :D

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I guess running or biking to your new job is out of the question!

  5. Hey SLB, been a while! And happy belated birthday; yours is just 5 days after mine, go figure.

    Just thought I'd let you know I'm (finally) getting back into both running and blogging. Hope all is well on your end.


  6. happy belated birthday! enjoyed the brief, random catch-up :)

  7. yah on the job but what a bummer on the 110 miles each day!! Still..income is income :)

    Hope your birthday was rocking!


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