Monday, August 24, 2009

It is what it is!

To be honest I am absolutely wiped, so to make my life easier this is my entry in SportsTracks from yesterday’s run:

Topanga Canyon thru to Kanan Dune. Started later than hoped due to driving around and dropping off stash bags. Had hoped to run whole trail but today was not the day, late start, heat humidity and overall tiredness from prior night(s) lack of sleep. Decided to start at Topanga and go as far as possible. Left knee heavily taped and strapped with ITB strap; held up well. Pace dictated by terrain; lots and lots climbing, this is the hardest section of the BBT by far. Met two rattlesnakes on the way! Run out of water around M21 (Castro Peak) rationed thru to Latigo Canyon and then replened from someone's hose - not great but needs must, Conclusion 20 miles of water is max I can carry. Got to drop stash at Kanan to find someone had taken water and food! Had called for pickup beforehand anyway so this reinforced it was the right decision. Disappointing overall but it is what it is!

This photo, with my marking, shows the middle 13 mile section, click to enlarge:

Here is the Garmin Connect Player and a short slide show, you can see all the photo's here:


  1. You SO impress me with your trail runs. Awesome!

  2. It's good to listen to your body. I loved the photos (and the tarsition inbetween photos :-)

  3. SO beautiful! I am in awe of trail running...amazing!

  4. Stuart! you are so amazing! It is what it is and I'm glad you didn't get hurt out there and you are still running after the face plant. :)


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