Saturday, August 22, 2009

Yeah but it’s a dry heat!

A slow week for my blog posts (and reads), but hey I am on vacation. Last weekend we loaded up the car and roof box and unloaded it and reloaded this time making it all fit, strapped the two kids in along with our nanny and her cousin and drove the 300 or so miles to Las Vegas; we have a big car. The idea being that the nanny gets a vacation as well and she had never been to Vegas so she looked after the boys in the morning and one day all day and the rest of the time she was off and we hung out as a family, other than having the car towed (long story) it’s all worked out pretty much. We’re not here for the gambling but totally enjoying the pool and of course the weather, the heat here has been a bit warm even for Vegas, the thermometer in the car topped out at 123f! There have been heat advisories on the radio and average temperatures are well into the 105-110f range each day.

This week being a down week I managed to get some training done under the heading of ‘heat training’ with three runs up the Strip, the first one nigh on killed me and from there I seemed to acclimatize to the heat better, slowing my pace right down and stopping multiple times to refill my water bottles at McDonalds etc and with a couple of walk breaks towards the end of the longest; which was about 14 miles. I was feeling the heat finishing around noon, what is it they say about mad dogs and Englishmen! We also spent a morning at the spa/gym at the Venetian (we’re staying off strip) and I used one of their Expresso exercise bikes which places you in a race; very cool, and then had a run on a treadmill; my first ever training ‘brick’! Of course it was followed by a massage and lunch on the ‘Grand Canal”.

Today we’re winding our way back to LA and the inevitable kit explosion that will ensue once we get home! Sunday I have my penultimate long run and my longest run yet, I’ll be running the Backbone Trail from end to end which is measured out at around 70 miles, so it’s an early start Sunday morning and no doubt a late finish, I am estimating something around 17-18 hours.


  1. WOW! That's an amazing place. Love the beginning. Then, the smoke gets to me. have a nanny?

  2. 70 miles by yourself? Good luck, have fun, BE SAFE!

  3. sounds like a fun vacation. definitely deserved :) very cool of you to share the vacay with the nanny and a friend. yikes for that heat... i think i would've been a lazy bum on this particular trip!

  4. 70 miles! WOW! since i've seen you on twitter, and commented on my post, safe to assume you made it home safely from both the run and drive. :) Sounds like a great family trip! welcome back!

  5. I think training in the morning followed by Spa day is the kind of brick I would enjoy. I spent a summer in Yuma, AZ and all that "yeah, but it's a dry heat" is a hot load of bullshit, 'cause 125 is what I keep my oven on to keep FOOD warm. More power to you for actually running in the stuff.


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