Friday, August 7, 2009

Well, that was the week that wasn’t!

And so with this week’s long run falling into last week, my knee giving me issues on Tuesday and my trip and fall yesterday this week is just a write-off! That being said I did manage to go to the, wait for it….pool! Yes you read that right a very ungainly 800 yards; yeah I know it’s not far, in 25 minutes or so; yep not fast either!

Oh well some days you just have one of those weeks. Looking forward, hopefully, I’ll be set for my long run Sunday which kicks off next week’s training plan, it’s a night run on the trails so I’ll be taking a few flashlights, maybe the LAPD will fly over me and highlight the trail?

As for my face, well, firstly thank you to everyone for you kind words, I think yesterday’s post is now my highest commented one which is testament to the solidarity of the running community (ok that’s enough soap boxing), but seriously to everyone who took the time to comment here on Facebook and Twitter (c’mon I have to milk this for all it’s worth!) thank you. Everything is slowly scabbing over so now my face has taken on a kind of crunchy feel, the swelling inside my lips has started to go down; although biting is a real no-no for now; my diet is softish food and I am drinking through a straw which sucks; literally. I am so so grateful for not smashing my teeth, nose, jaw, eye socket you name it, all things considered I got off lightly. Taking a shower is interesting; note to self do not use Tea Tree body wash on road rash; stings like a mother…Oh yes and I can't shave my chin, so I am now looking like some undertrained enforcer!

As you can see, fortunately, my sense of humor retains intact, unfortunately this weekend is my wife’s birthday and we’ve had to cancel our dinner plans! Maybe we’ll go to mall where I can scare small children or tell inquiring parents about my UFC career! We’ll see, have a good one and watch out for manhole covers…little bastards!


  1. Like you said, those kinds of weeks happen, and you have a good attitude about it!

  2. i'm glad the humor has remained. crunchy-feeling huh? i'm not sure i can imagine that one. glad the ego isn't too bruised and hope you are able to get in your sunday run incident-free!

    happy birthday to the wifey!

  3. ugh, sorry about dinner, and the pain... keep healing and your sense of humor. next week can only go up right? :)

  4. I say you make that pic your fb profile pic. pretty pleaz?

  5. seriously i think a lot of us had bad weeks last week. just shake it off and move on to the next one!


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