Sunday, August 2, 2009

Review; Bridgedale; Bamboo Mens Lo and X-Hale Multisport

As part of the ongoing sock post reviews from the goodie bag…well actually rather large goodie box that I received from the good folks at the Wilderness Running Company today I review two offerings from Bridgedale; Bamboo Mens Lo and the X-Hale Multisport.

I’ve put 50 or so blister free trail miles on each of these so while early days it’s certainly sufficient to give me an idea on how they are going to perform as the miles accumulate.

Bridgedale; Bamboo Mens Lo

From the website: This cool, comfortable low cut sock is knit using quick drying bamboo yarns. Bamboo feels silky soft and keeps feet feeling fresh with it’s naturally anti-microbial properties. Bamboo and Coolmax® wick moisture away from your foot giving lasting, all day comfort.

Fiber Content: 35% Bamboo, 34% Coolmax®/polyester, 30% Nylon/polyamide, 1% Lycra®/elastane

I can testify to their silkiness, they do feel softer than my usual trail socks which are feeling their age. In fact the more you wash them the softer they feel. As you can see in the photo the sock is divided up around the foot, the zones are zoned into ventilation and cushioning, I should say that these socks are light on the cushioning front the benefit of this is that they are on the cooler side, it’s all a trade off. From a ecological standpoint Bridgedale supports “Plant a Boo” which supports the fight against global warming, more info is available here. Whether it is the bamboo on in the general construction which includes Coolmax® they do keep you feet nice and dry and cool. In summary a solid pair of socks that work well if you are in warmer climes and don’t need to have too much padding. These are only available in gray.

Bridgedale; X-Hale Multisport

I was really keen to try these socks as when I planted my sock stake in the ground last year these were in the running (no pun intended) but I was unable to get them in the color I wanted so I passed…anyway I digress. So here is the website blurb:

X-Hale: Targeted impact padding and cooling ventilation. Suitable for Multisports: Hike, Run, Bike, Fitness, X-train.

Light, breathable, cushioned and close-fitting. Light mesh allows air circulation. Cushioning under heel. Ball and toes provides protection and WoolFusion® helps drive moisture away.

Fibre Content: 42% Nylon/polyamide, 28% Merino Wool, 28% Endurofil™/polypropylene, 2% Lycra®/elastane

Not as silky smooth as the Bamboo Los these are much more of a workhorse however they do share the ‘zoned’ areas with a lightweight cushioning underfoot and thinner areas on the top of the foot. Again the zoning works well although I would say that Bridgedale has rated these as cooler than the Bamboo Los but I would say that the reverse is true and to my feet these felt warmer, although there were worn on different days, but this is a southern California and recently it’s been hot with a liberal smattering of hotter! In a similar vein, these are definite worthy of your consideration if you’re looking for a solid pair of socks with light padding. Available in several colors including blue, black and white! (not recommended for the trails).

A comparison between the two is difficult as they are in essence very similar. The X-Hale’s have more cushioning and are a little warmer, the Bamboo Lo’s are silky smooth and are cooler. Both have hidden seams on the toe area which is the place most likely to cause irritation. Both are well constructed and you'll not be disappointed by the quality of either. So really it's a case of you pays your money you takes your choice.

As with previous reviews WRC will be offering a 10% discount if ordered through this review, click on the socks names above to be directed to the right link, also if you use the Coupon Code ‘Quad10’ on checkout you'll receive an extra 10% discount…woot!

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  1. I got a technical shirt from one of my tris with bamboo in it, and oh my gawd! I lurve it!! It is the softest ever... I don't wear it for anything but lounging around the house.


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