Thursday, December 10, 2009

Haiku Gu, aloha ok!

Well the votes are in, counted and de-chaded and the winner, by somewhat of a landslide; 64.5%, due to a cunning and devious marketing campaign, is Frayed Laces!

Here is the winning haiku and visual proof!

bonking on trail run
I just tried to kiss a tree
time to take some gel

Tree hugger

Treehugging at its finest!

Email me your address and I’ll send them on their way!


  1. I went to her blog. Made me want to book a flight to Hawaii. I miss that place. I won't trade my experiences there for anything but I wish I ran more while I lived there...well I wish I ran period. My last time there was when my parents were moving. I was running ultras by then and had a fantastic 20-mile run in the middle of storm. Still remains as one of my favorite running highlights.

  2. FL is a pretty kewl gal. Lurve the pink compression sleeves with the gaiters...

  3. I have really enjoyed reading her blog. So glad she won!!!

  4. Congrat's FL!! She is market savvy! LOL


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