Monday, December 14, 2009

Let you legs do the leg work (Pt 2)

A quick video on using Pre-programmed Intervals on you Garmin Forerunner, it's Part Two to this one.


  1. I am impressed.... you have rubbed off the writing on your bottons. :)

    Wish I had a Garmin 305 to apply day soon I hope.

  2. Robin's right, the Garmin definitely looks used and loved. LOL. Thanks for the reminder of the intervals, I should be using those for the long hours on the bike just to mix things up!!

  3. Nicely done.


    What are you doing to your poor Garmin? You're not supposed to tie it to a string behind the goes ON the handlebars.

    Btw, make sure you grab the latest GTC version dated Dec 2nd, as there are specifically some new items in there related to workouts...


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