Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tweet Up, Cards Down!

Last Tuesday I had my first Tweet Up! Yeah I know it sounds a bit silly but whatever the name it was an opportunity to meet up in person with people whose blogs I follow or who I know through Twitter (hence the name) and it was also a chance to catch up with Billy who I had not seen since November. After a bit of a disastrous swim session (more on that later) I found my way to The Shack in Marina del Rey, known for it’s quality burgers, I ordered a garden burger and settled in to catch up in person with everyone.

Shack1L-R @ianreyerson @notorias @larunr @quadrathon

The conversation as you would expect circulated about running, races past and current states. I caught up with MsV from Gymnotes and Jen from and all too briefly spoke with Glenn from The Running Fat Guy as well as Billy; LARunner. Billy and I are both recovering from injury, him from a stress fracture and me…well you know all about that.

After settling in the conversation turned to future plans, Billy threw out the question of why was I training for a sub 3:00 marathon? His point being, and let’s be honest to which I am the first to agree, it’s a lofty goal, to which my answer is a simple why not. But to put my cards down on the table and not to sound glib or too confident there is some basis for this:

1)    I am, apparently, by body definition predisposed to be fast twitch
2)    I have a half marathon PR of 1:37; this in itself may seem non relevant but I would confess that it wasn’t a hard race

Now this is itself is perhaps not enough and in reality I might never achieve it but the truth is if I don’t try I’ll never know and as a firm believer in time time, training and tenacity should allow you to really achieve any realistic goal. To that point here is the GTC data from yesterday’s tempo run;

12-26-2009 tempo

I am the first to admit that I am ways away from where I need to be but considering this ends Week 5 of training after coming back from injury I am not that far away from where I was a little over a year ago and then I had a solid base shown below:


Anyway am I aiming to high, is my goal too lofty, well maybe…but it’ll be fun finding out and that’s that point right?


  1. There's nothing wrong with aiming high!

  2. I think lofty goals are great. You never know unless you try. Keep on reaching for the stars!

  3. No goal is really ever to big if you have plenty of pain medicine ….right?

    Very cool to meet up and have lunch together. Just another reason why I love blogland.

  4. Phew... That's a lot of time in Zone 4. If you don't aim high, how will you ever know?

    Happy holidays!!

  5. Don't you LOVE technology!!! How fun.

  6. Yeah Stuart, you got the right of it, aim high and find out for yourself. More fun anyway, the reaching and working hard towards a goal just above your current reach. What I've found is that even if you fall short you are a lot further than where you were. My .02 cents.

    I on the other hand is fatter and slower and I blame SoCal. All my family here keep sending food my way. I would never make it as a runner in this part of the state.

  7. A 1:37 for the half CAN do the sub 3 totally - I admire you.

  8. Cool post. Makes me want to figure out my Garmin!

    SO great to meet you Stuart! And, the pic of you on the Treadmill? I was distracted by your cool tat, so I didn't read the rest (kidding)

    You going to do LA?

  9. Great seeing you again Stuart! And I have no doubt that you'll kick some butt at your goal race if you keep at it. I should hurry up and join you on some of your speed workouts while I can still (sort of) hang!

  10. I agree with all the comments - why not go for it!!

  11. Hi Stuart...I have a friend that is sub 2:46...2:45 actually, top ten finsiher at WS that is getting started with training those interested in running 3hr or better marathons..if your interested I spoke with him and can provide virtual introductions..I believe the feature race would be to build toward CIM...but can be modified..Let me know if your interested..I have hime reviewing your blog page as well...

    Tony Lafferty

  12. I'm in total agreement -- aim way out there! If you don't, you'll just be like "maybe I coulda . . . " I'll bet you can.

  13. If that goal time is what's going to motivate your training- go for it! Reminds me of that line in that Will Ferrel movie, "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

  14. YAY! Stuart! It was so so so so AWESOME finally meeting you in person! I'm running with the Coyotes tomorrow (based on our discussion) will let you know how it goes!


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