Friday, August 6, 2010

Down then up….

This week was a down week, I dropped the second cross training from yesterday, three hours last Sunday was enough, and skipped the gym during the week. After rebaselining Monday I worked out my new zones and hit early mornings Wednesday and Friday with them, I took an extra rest day on Thursday. As suspected the new pace is around the 7:45 mark, I am not focusing on that though I am just trying to stay in the zone. So far so good…



image Friday

A little too fast on Friday, I was actually only 3 minutes over my 10k PR! Well three minutes is a lot over a 10k but I was pleased. It will be interesting to see how this plays out on long runs and to be honest this goes out the window on the trail. So the next four weeks I am on the up. With the new zones I am not out to hit them every run, Monday’s will be a recovery run so I’ll be loitering in Zone 1 and I'll be trialling on the long run. The mileage is also increasing, steadily climbing and but the end of the month I will be at 40 mpw…yay! Back in the gym during the week and continuing the cross training will keep me on the straight and narrow.

image So onwards and upwards we go! Come the beginning of September I’ll have 9 weeks to race day! And now with a 15 miler to be completed before 8:00am I am off to hit the hay.

Have a good weekend!