Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tweaks and Peaks!

I am coming to the end of this four week cycle. I am enjoying breaking my training plan into four week sections, that way I don’t freak myself out…of course it should come as no surprise as I am copying it from a published plan. However not knowing what is coming round the corner is kinda fun even when you assume Sunday is a cross training day and you diligently oull out your bike and ride for 20 miles and then find out it was a scheduled rest day; whoops!

Starting next week I am introducing some hill work, the weekend’s trail run showed my that I need to focus on that, there’s a nice little hill about half a mile from my house that I can learn to hate with a passion that cannot be measured run up and my local trail has a good climb to it also; I plan to get to these midweek.

I am also planning on shifting my training week to Monday thru Sunday, currently I am Saturday through Friday.  Having my long run at the start of the week was always a psychological upper, come the end of the weekend it was done, having it at the end of the week makes it seem so far away but a couple of the training logs aren’t that flexible and it throws off my numbers…yes I am that anal retentive.

I signed up for the Long Beach Marathon which is in October; I need the long runs and this is a simply a supported long run, I have not run it before so it should be fun and new, there are a few folks I know running it so it also a chance to catch up with them.

So that’s it for August…bring on September.