Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vacation is over…now for a rest week!

Sounds counter intuitive right…as mentioned in my Daily Mile log yesterday;

image If you want to find/follow me just search for Quadrathon, Thursday was my OWS it was so short it does not register! Friday was another six and I finished out the week inches short of 40 miles. Saturday started another week and my long run was only long in duration; 12 miles in nearly two hours! WTF!!Legs were shot, if fact my body is pretty beaten up. An uncomfortable bed, two kids who were up at the crack of dawn and seemed to run on Lithium long life batteries and bad food choices just sapped the strength out of me.

So this week is a down week in mileage, although it started yesterday and that’s the only down bit, the rest of the week is business as usual. I redeemed myself in the pool today with another mile+ in an hour, that black line makes it so much easier than the ocean! The rest of the week will be early runs and lunchtime at the gym, that’s the plan at least; a cursory glance at my work Blackberry shows an inbox of 500+ unread for the week! That’s actually worse than my blog reader which is at 300+, I’ll be spending some quality time with you all tonight before an early-ish night!

Here are a bunch of random photos from the trip; Mission Bay and SeaWorld mostly.